Grab Handles

Grab Handle

Rostuf™ Grab Handles were designed in response to a complex industry problem, develop a handle that does not distort on impact, is visible in low light conditions and has a decreased weight ratio in comparison to previously fitted steel handles.

Ross Equipment Aust Grab Handles are now a standardise product throughout the rail industry worldwide.

Grab Handle can be modified to a variety of designs and sizes depending on the customer’s specific application. Conforms to AAR Standards. 

Coupler Carrier Wear Plates

wear plate 2.jpg

Rostuf ™ new and improved Coupler Carrier Wear Plates with advanced innovative clip in design allows for  an easy to install alternative to the previously fitted welded metal wear plate which eliminated welding requirements on the coupler. Rostuf ™ Coupler Carrier Wear Plates are manufactured from a low wear high slide rating polymer grade material for the coupler to move more efficiently whilst minimising shank wear. 

Hand Brake Wheels

Hand Brake Wheels

Ross Polymer Hand Brake Wheels were designed to fix a dire industry problem for wagon operators worldwide.  Ross Equipment Australia developed a wheel that would not distort on impact, extremely light in weight and offer a product that presents major cost savings to the customer.